How does Gradinaria work?

Gradinaria is an electronic market for wholesale purchase and sale of fresh fruits and vegetables. The website provides the Bulgarian producers with the opportunity to find Bulgarian and foreign buyers of their unique production and the traders with the opportunity to buy quickly the products they are looking for. In order to do this, the sellers and the buyers can create profiles on the website.

Here we are going to show you how to start trading

Gradinaria allows its registered users to:

  • view the offers to buy and the offers for sale of fruits and vegetables
  • book the offers they are interested in, in order to contact the offer makers
  • create unlimited number of offers for sale or for purchase
  • manage their offers
  • see who is interested in their offers
  • make deals

The use of the electronic trading system is made through paid access to vouchers or subscription for time.

The first users of Gradinaria are provided with bonus of 2 vouchers.

These first 2 vouchers will allow the users to get acquainted with the work with

Further on, they can keep using the system after buying vouchers or subscriptions:

  • each voucher allows continuous working activity, which is unlimited in time
  • in case of inactivity з longer than 1 hour, a new log in with username and password is needed
  • each log in using the profile takes away 1 voucher
  • after the vouchers have been spent or before that, the user can buy new vouchers or make a subscription for time
  • the monthly subscriptions allow unlimited work within the subscribed period
  • with the monthly subscriptions there is also termination of the session after period of inactivity longer than 1 hour, but no vouchers are taken away
  • if you have both subscription for time and vouchers, the vouchers are kept until the subscription for time is over
  • if you have spent your vouchers and also your subscription for time, you will not be able to see the offered prices, nor will you be able to work with your offers
  • Gradinaria encourages the active users through a system of incentives – additional bonuses for more offers, organization of ratings and rankings before login as a user

Gradinaria-bg.comafter login as a user

Steps for registration


  1. Choose the Registration button behind the user entrance block
  2. Fill in the data for your username, e-mail, password, contact person and phone number
  3. Choose the type of user that you are going to be – producer or trader

    • A producer/ seller: you can create/ add Offers For Sale/Offers To Buy. You can also make proposals for sale to Offers To Buy/Offers For Sale
    • A trader/ buyer: you can create Offers To Buy and book Offers For Sale/Offers To Buy
  4. Depending on your choice above, additional fields will be opened – fill them in with information, which is necessary to fulfill your profile of a real participant on the market
  5. Please note, that if you are member of the BNHU (after additional verification), you will be able to use 50% discount of the prices for vouchers and subscriptions for time
  6. In order to complete your registration and to join the system of, as a full member, you have to agree on the General conditions for using the website and to press the button “Register”

  7. After you receive a message for successful registration, you can already make orders in the Subscription section of the main menu and start working with offers

Creating/ adding offer

After you have entered your profile, 3 blocks will be loaded on the left side:

  • The first of them – Profile, shows the available vouchers/ subscriptions. You have a link for changing the data on your profile and an exit button there
  • The second block – Messages, shows the number of unread messages in your mail box
  • The third block – My offers,contains menu for managing the offers with the following possibilities:
Add Offer For Sale
Add Offer To Buy 
Active offers – shows you a list of your offers, which are active at the moment
Booked offers – shows you a list of your offers, which are booked by buyers, and you see their contact details
Proposals to offers – shows you a list with proposals for sale of buyers, related to your offers
Closed deals – enlists your offers that have been closed with deals
Archived offers – enlists your offers with expired validity term or offers, which you have archived

Offers to buyer – enlists the proposals of seller users to offers of buyers
Offers to seller – enlists the offers of sellers, which are booked by buyer users


In order to publish your offer on the website

  1. From the My Offers menu, click on the button Add Offer For Sale or To Buy


  2. Fill in the fields with information for the offer


  3. It is recommended that you upload a picture of the product that you offer
  4. Follow the instructions under the fields
  5. When indicating prices use the decimal point
  6. The fields marked with stars are mandatory to fill in
  7. If you possess a quality certificate from the BFSA or another, please indicate its number
  8. When you complete the offer form, press the “Save” button
  9. If you have made mistakes while filling in the form, the system will point them out. Please, correct them and press “Save” again
  10. The system will inform you if the offer has been submitted successfully
  11. The offer you have submitted is added to the “Active offers” list
  12. Your offer also enters the main lists with offers to buy/ for sale, where it can be viewed and booked by other users
  13. After the validity term of your offer has expired, it is automatically transferred from “Active offers” to the “Archived offers” page
  14. You can activate again any offer in the “Archived offers” by clicking the “Activate” button
  15. You can activate an offer with expired validity by editing it thoroughly and changing its status to “Active”


Contacts, negotiations and closing deals

  1. If your offer has been booked by more than one user or has received one or more proposals for sale, respectively, for each activity you will receive a message to your profile and to your e-mail
  2. Your offer will be transferred to the Booked or Proposals category and you will now see who shows interest for it and will see their phone number and e-mail
  3. You can contact your buyer/ seller, negotiate with them and agree on a deal
  4. If you agree on a deal, at this stage it can be accomplished only offsite (out of the site). You will have to open the page with your offer and from the list of users, who have booked it, to the choose and press the button “Deal”.

  5. If the deal covers only a part of the offered or sought quantities, you can renew the remaining part
  6. If you want to renew or edit your offer, you can use the option “Edit” at the “Closed deals” or “Archived offers”



Searching for offers

The website provides you with different possibilities to find the offer you are looking for. For this purpose:


  • Or use the Search engine with key words in the upper right part of the website

Subscription and vouchers

In order to use the services that the Gradinaria electronic market provides, you have to possess vouchers for access or subscription for a certain period of time.

  • This is going to allow you to create and publish offers, to contact clients, who have shown interest for your offers, to activate and archive them and to see the prices of all published offers
  • After your subscription or voucher has expired, you will be able to enter your profile. You will see your offers but will not be able to activate them, nor to see the prices of the other offers or the contacts of the offer makers
  • In the “Vouchers” field in your profile there will be a message that all available vouchers for access have been spent. In order to add new ones, you will have to press the “Add vouchers” button or to visit the “Subscription” menu
  • The “Subscription and vouchers” page will open. There you have to choose the wanted voucher for access or subscription for time and to press the button “Order” corresponding to it.

  • The product that you want to buy and the amount that has to be paid will be written in the “Order” page” in “Cart Contents” section
  • In the “Invoice data” section will appear the data you have entered during the registration process – check if it correct
  • In the “Method of payment” section you will have to choose the method to pay for the voucher or for the subscription
  • In order to finalize the purchase, you have to press the “Continue” button. The “Review Order” page will appear. After you press the “Continue” button, your order will be finalized and will start processing.
  • You will receive a message from Gradinaria on your e-mail regarding the order of voucher or subscription.
  • You will not have access to the purchased vouchers before you execute the payment. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, you will receive a confirmation of your request after the amount has been received at the Gradinaria’s bank account.
  • If you wish to cancel the order while you are still in process of making it, choose the “Back” and/or “Cancel” button. The “Cart” page will open with a list of the products in it. If you wish to remove any of them, you should press the red “Remove” button corresponding to the wanted product. A message will appear on the screen indicating which product was removed from your Cart.

Stimulating the active users

In order to respond to the interest of its users, Gradinaria has established a system of incentives for encouraging their activity and responsibility.

  • At the start: You receive 2 free credits – bonus for the first users of Gradinaria
  • Bonuses at 30 submitted offers: You receive 15 free credits or free access to the system for 5 days (subscription for time)
  • Rating: Deal of the week, Deal of the day, Deal of the month
  • Rating: User rating – ratio between the submitted offers and the closed deals
  • Presentation: Upon request, each user can obtain their own profile on the website. There is also a possibility for advanced user profile.

The stimulation system is flexible and will be further developed along with the development of the website. You, the Gradinaria users, can also take part in its elaboration and improvement by writing us at or from here

We are looking forward to your opinion and proposals!